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Contact Info 

Contact :
Gloria Poole owner and administrator of this domain
postal mail only to Missouri
or by email to info at;
my landline phone in Missouri;or by my cell phones x 2 or my google phone of 5733429177; or by email on links on my websites including and

These websites are listed here and left here for documentation since I bought these domains from and then they allowed cybercriminals to steal them. I am leaving them on this website for documentation for the FBI, the Interpol, and the Canadian Police:
click the names of each book of the Bible to read it. {This website was stolen by the enemies of GOD;leaving here for documentation.]"
[website stolen by the enemies of GOD; leaving here for documentation. Some of the enemies of GOD work for of Pennsylvania who gave criminals my confidential info.] [ [stolen by criminals.]"

[stolen by criminals.]"

For more about the cause of human life please visit these websites:"
[scriptures about human life]
This domain and website were stolen from me but you may see my original painting, 'birthing a baby' at

and also on other sites also and might be on this site :

and the medical photos of how tiny humans look in the amniotic sac are on this website: has the medical facts of how babies develop in womb]" is one of my websites that was stolen by criminals with the help of of Pennsylvania which is a crooked company.


This website of and the other domains of lifemedia-publishing belong to me and I am Gloria Poole , RN of Missouri, but with a current and active license in Colorado for the time being. I moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 to get away from a violent and criminal exhusband and from a state where lawlessness is the norm. There is no one in Colorado authorized on this account so do not be deceived by cybercriminals who break into the accounts of others to steal, plunder and loot.

This website and this domain are owned by me and I am Gloria Poole of Missouri. Please contact me if any comments, feedback or enquiries, or if any problems with this site by contacting me via my landline phone in Missouri; or via my cell phones or via my google phones in Missouri. or via email links on my websites or on published sites of mine including and my profile for that site at Thank you. Gloria Poole of Missouri. .